Non Satis Mundus Habet VeritatimWho are the Bourbon Crusaders?

The Bourbon Crusaders started as a group of American whiskey enthusiasts that gathered as strangers in early 2015 for a pot luck tasting, and quickly became fast friends. We envisioned privately selecting the very best whiskey barrels, something everyone wants but is difficult to do.

Our selection method is unique. We always taste blind–we don’t know the recipe (when at Four Roses), age, or specific details about the barrels. We do request certain traits and non-age-related maturation qualities (age is an issue of mind over matter). Before a barrel is eliminated from contention, oxidation and reaction with water are considered. Bottom voted barrels are eliminated. The top barrels are progressively tasted and voted blind until the very best remain.

Most of our members are fairly well known for their trusted palates, whiskey reviews, knowledge, and private barrel selections. The rest have just quietly impressed friends in the shadows like whiskey ninjas with sharp pointy throwing stars.

We’ve invited the best palates and most passionate in the whiskey world to join us. Our Crusaders are a diverse bunch. They represent a wide variety of industries such as distilling, engineering and science, grain farming, logging, business and consulting, medicine, law, fire response, construction, and architecture.

We will be filling these pages with reviews, ratings, and other content and news. The group will have an annual “Best Of” awards tasting, but these will be a bit different:

* We will not accept samples for review from brands. We will only judge store-bought bottles.

* The brands will not be solicited nor pay any fees.

* Awards given to brands will be posted here and they will be notified.

* Brands are free to publicize the results, without deception.

We will maintain honor, respect, and tradition moving forward.

There is more to come. This is the introduction to who we are and what we represent.

non satis mundus habet veritatem

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